Bojaca Camilo began his career studying art at the National University of  Colombia in 2005, which explores the different techniques, finding from the drawing, animation and video form from which wonder and build a relationship with the world. In his work recurs find the landscape of the city and drawing elements attending to the problems of the same, to make a comment, a remark or simply to question the image as such, another element you are working with is recurrently image scale and power. Interested in the drawing as a work space and also a mental space from which space can be problematic and the material of which this is composed.


In my recent work I’ve been exploring the relationships between architecture, nature and landscape, boundaries and edges in that live or are mimic and dynamics in which the architecture understands the  environment and makes it part of its aesthetics and the different processes and strategies to seize territories and build without regard to nature.



Camilo Bojacá