8 – 16



The Project 8-16 approach to the depredation concept, in an extended view. Seen it, like a cultural and social condition of our days. Our lifestyle demand many of natural resources. All our daily articles come to us, from any kind of exploitation or extraction, generating a big impact on the environment.


Through the different advertising and publicity strategies, the industry makes us believe the products have an immaculate provenance, show to us an ideal world, were the products just being in the market without any impact and consequence.



On August 8, 2016, the human beings had been consumed the natural resources that we need for that year. The footprint network named to this phenomenon as an ecological overdraft, it is a critical point in which the ecosystems are unable to renew by the excessive needs of our society. We are in debt to the planet. Shall we reflect and think in a more reciprocal and coherent way to inhabit the planet.


octubre 8, 2016